Itsuhito Hadesu
Itsuhito Hadesu
Name Itsuhito Hadesu
派出須 逸人
Hadesu Itsuhito
Race Human
Age 28
Gender Male
Seiyū Tomoaki Maeno (VOMIC)
Affiliation Tokofushi Middle School
Occupation Infirmary doctor
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
The Rumored Hadesu-sensei

Itsuhito Hadesu (派出須 逸人, Hadesu Itsuhito) is the new school infirmary of Tokofushi Middle School.





First Day as the Infirmary DoctorEdit

The vice-principal introduces him as the new infirmary doctor at Tokofushi middle school, but being nervous, he trips as he walks on stage. His hands held out to catch himself, he grabs the vice-principal and manages to scare the entire assembly as he smears what looks like blood on his face. After the initial shock, Hadesu apologizes and says that it's only spilled Merbromin Fluid that he was cleaning up. He then introduces himself to the students and was taken on a quick tour of the school after the assembly. Hadesu greets the passing students cheerfully, but the vice-principal tells him to act more serious. Once he had settled, students were gathered around his office to get a look at the scary new doctor, thus earning his reputation and nickname of "Shinigami", or Death God.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit




  • Hadesu's birthday is December 13, 1982.