The Seven Emotions
Chapter 027
Japanese Title 七つの感情
Nanatsu no kanjō
Volume 4
Chapter 27
Previous Chapter Chapter 26
The Garden of Laziness
Next Chapter Chapter 28
Futile Effort

The Seven Emotions (七つの感情, Nanatsu no kanjō) is chapter 27 of the Hokenshitsu no Shinigami manga.


Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Sanzō Fuji
  2. Angry Rokusuke
  3. Itsuhito Hadesu
  4. Self-Restrained Rokusuke
  5. Iku Ashitaba
  6. Affectionate Rokusuke
  7. Longing Rokusuke
  8. Diligent Rokusuke
  9. Gloomy Rokusuke
  10. Rentarō Mimasaka
  11. Rokusuke Fuji (imagination)
  12. Delighted Rokusuke


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