The Strong-Armed Girl's Depression
Chapter 002
Japanese Title 鉄腕少女の憂鬱
Tetsuwan shōjo no yūutsu
Volume 1
Chapter 2
Previous Chapter Chapter 1
The Rumored Hadesu-sensei
Next Chapter Chapter 3
Ashitaba-kun's Long Day

The Strong-Armed Girl's Depression (鉄腕少女の憂鬱, Tetsuwan shōjo no yūutsu) is chapter 2 of the Hokenshitsu no Shinigami manga.

VOMIC adaptations of the chapter were aired as weekly segments of the Japanese variety show Sakiyomi Jan Bang! in the first two weeks of February 2011 and released online on the first two weeks of March 2011 on Shueisha's VOMIC website and on July 9, 2013 on YouTube via the official Shōnen Jump account.


Characters in order of appearanceEdit

  1. Rokusuke Fuji
  2. Iku Ashitaba
  3. Rentarō Mimasaka
  4. Itsuhito Hadesu
  5. Maya Kaburagi
  6. Itō
  7. Narcissist (flashback)
  8. Provoke


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