• Issunmomotaro

    Uh...hi, Wikia.

    September 27, 2011 by Issunmomotaro

    Well, whenever I join a new site I tend to introduce myself.

    If any of you decide to establish a rapport with me, you can call me Southy or Momo- I prefer Momo, but I've been going by Southy longer.

    I'm also on deviantART, and tumblr, and if you ask (and if I think I know you well enough) I'll link you to my other accounts.

    I joined wikia primarily because I saw a glaring lack of information in the Hokenshitsu no Shinigami wiki that I felt needed to be remedied. I started with my favorite supporting character's page and I will slowly be adding info as I can- as well as rereading the chapters I have available to me.

    I thoroughly enjoy drawing and writing as a hobby, but writing is also something I love to do as work and be challeng…

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